Big "M" Ranch is a directional boring and utility contractor specializing in the underground placement of pipes and conduits in the safest and most cost effective manner possible. We install fiber optic ducts, waterlines, force main sewer, gas lines and electrical cables.

Our clients include many of the largest telecoms such AT&T and Time Warner to regional and local utilities.

While our work region is primarily the midwest, Big "M" Ranch is capable of working nationwide.


What is directional boring?

Directional boring or horizontal directional drilling (HDD) is a trenchless technology employed to install underground pipes without impacting the area above the borehole.

What type of pipe is installed using directional boring?

The types of pipes installed using directional boring are- PVC, ductile iron, polyethylene, steel, and polypropylene types.

What are the advantages of directional boring?

  • Directional boring reduces soil disturbances.
  • HDD is a form of underground construction that allows the site to stay clean and free from patchy areas.
  • Directional boring reduces the contamination of groundwater. This ensures higher safety compared to traditional boring methods.
  • Directional drilling is an eco-friendly method as it protects the ecosystem and the adjacent areas.
  • Directional boring is less influenced by the weather conditions of the site.


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